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Home Cooling Systems – Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

Summer time in Southern California can get pretty hot. Those who don’t have air conditioning wish they did. Those who do have the luxury don’t even think about their AC until it breaks down. Before your cooling system fails just when you need it the most, call us to make sure it is running efficiently. This is especially important if your AC system is over 10 years old. Our skilled technicians routinely carryout quality repair, maintenance and installation services on air conditioning, HVAC, wall and window AC units.We specialize in cooling systems and can help you maintain yours so it doesn’t stop working during the warmest days of summer. You can depend on us to maintain your compressor, keep your refrigerant charged and balance the air flow. A well running system will extend the life of your AC unit and save money on your electricity bills. Schedule a tune-up with us so we can keep your central air system running all summer long.

When Was The Last Time You Had Your AC Checked?

Listen for the common signs that your cooling system is struggling to keep your home cool. If it is making noises you have never heard before or if you see a spike in you’re your utility bill, you probably need one of our technicians to make some adjustments to your cooling system.

We service all makes and models of cooling systems

    • Air flow balancing
    • Air purification systems
    • Air quality testing
    • Blower door testing
    • Blowers
    • Carbon Monoxide testing
    • Central air systems
    • Compressors
    • Control systems
    • Coolant freeze-ups
    • Coolant leaks
    • Dampers
    • Dehumidifiers
    • Electronic air filters
    • Energy Efficient Analysis
    • Equipment installation and comfort specialists
    • Evaporator coil cleaning
    • Excavation
    • Filter upgrades
    • Fire/water damage specialists
    • Humidifiers
    • Ice makers
    • Indoor Air Quality
    • Indoor air quality assessment
    • Indoor comfort analysis
    • Insulation
    • Maintenance
    • Refrigerant recharging
    • Seasonal tune-ups
    • Short cooling cycles
    • Thermostat calibration
    • Thermostats repaired/replaced
    • Tubing installation
    • UV lights

Tip— Installing a timer on your thermostat is a good idea. For an energy-efficient approach to cooling your home, a timer can set to shut off about the time you leave for the day, and then to turn back on a half hour before you get home.

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